Mission Statement

We are called to draw our inspiration and strength from the Gospel as we seek to give witness to the living presence of Jesus Christ.

School Vision

Holy Spirit Kurri Kurri, as a culturally diverse and inclusive Catholic faith community, witnesses gospel values of tolerance, respect and equity in every aspect of the life of the school. We provide a rich, progressive curriculum which encourages excellence and lifelong learning. As we strengthen relationships within our local community we strive to create resilient and active global citizens of the future.

This is displayed by:

  • Reflecting Gospel values through all facets of teaching
  • Using the curriculum to explore the Gospel message
  • Encouraging students to respect the work of others
  • Providing different opportunities for individual students to express their thoughts, feelings and spirituality
  • Emphasising a reverence of life in all of its forms

Each curriculum area promotes an appropriate Catholic worldview in the following ways:

  • Religion: Engages the students in a relationship with Jesus who is at the heart of everything. This leads students to an understanding of the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church
  • English: Reading, viewing and responding to a variety of Biblical texts at an age appropriate level using the three worlds of the text, the world behind, within and in front
  • Mathematics: Holds one of the primary keys to understanding the order of God’s universe. Students use knowledge of mathematics to quantify the world they live in, in a variety of situations
  • Science: Leads students to develop a wonder and awe at God’s world. Through the gift of human intellect they will develop the ability to become critical and creative thinkers, questioning all things from a variety of perspectives
  • Geography: Develop a knowledge of our place in the world, recognise the beauty of places as a way of seeing Gods love for us and actively contribute the care of the places in our community
  • History: Appreciating the importance and significance of the past in the local community, including our Indigenous ancestors to come to understand how God is in relationship with people
  • PDHPE: We are made in the image and likeness of God and therefore we should look after and respect our body and others
  • Creative Arts: Expressing their experiences of Religion and God in artwork. Students will use song in prayer and praise. Using liturgical movements to enhance meaning in liturgy. They will use drama to demonstrate Gospel values are lived in everyday situations.